The Center of My Everything


What better way…

to end my long day then to spend some time to share a few words on the most important focus in my life.

No I don’t know who you are this reading this blog post but I do not believe that coincidences happen especially in things pertaining to this.

Let me just tell a story about this video that I watched not too long ago. First let me preface the story by saying that and acknowledging the reality that there are spirits that exist in this universe. This is fact regardless of what you believe or what you do not what you accepting what you do not what you embrace what you do not. Some spirits are good some spirit air bags and spirits are helpful some spirits are Holy some spirits are evil. But they are all very real and exist in a different dimension than what we can physically see with our eyes but they are real nonetheless.

Now not too long ago I was spending some time with a family member and we came across this video on YouTube. And this video came on with a international preacher over in a country in Africa Who was bracing has a loyal congregation To be on high alert and to stand guard at the Watchtower of their hearts and spirits as he was a bout to allow A man who was foreign to the body of Christ and was a wise man in the sciences and sorcery, To come in to speak His piece over the microphone in the audience of the body of believers.

Now this man who faithfully represented the Prince of the air which is Satan And dedicated his work his accolades his lifetime achievement is even his mental and spiritual abilities to this evil entity. But in the atmosphere begin to change as he came down to the understanding that he had a revelation that without the Lord he will have no peace. So this worldly wise man full of knowledge of different areas of science Finally came to the part where he revealed his intention of coming to the house of God in the first place.

Much to the astonishment of all those in attendance the professor reveals that he knows that he needed the loving touch of the Savior Jesus Christ he filled his tank up with empty gas and new Christ would come restore him like and get him on the right road like roadside assistance, and it was his mission to come and get healing and deliverance through the Holy Spirit from the man of God of the house.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Africa or not but let me just tell you so that you know when you go down there they do not play with things of the spiritual dimension.

You can mess around and get a voodoo curse that will haunt your lineage for generations. But don’t fear, especially if you are rooted in the strength of he who already overcame darkness, who conquered death and the grave, the Lion of Judah, the magnificent and almighty one Most High.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, But of power, love, and a sound mind.

Stay powerful my friends

Whatchu Talkin’ Bout?!!?


I’ve been grinding my whole life…

That’s what I’m about. We have to learn not to judge a man by what others say about him but what he says about himself what comes out of his own mouth what is he talking about. I’m sure we’ve all heard the popular saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” open up the book and actually take the time to read it and see what it says.

Because you will be able to draw an accurate picture of who an individual is by what is the content of their heart and mind.

What’s crazy is that we live in a culture where the media has so much power to sway the opinion of the masses and shape the ideas of who they Want to depict in a certain way for whatever maybe there are good reasons or maybe even this very bad reasons.

That is on the primary concerns when I meet any human being individual weather man or woman what are you talking about?

My primary focus is not necessarily the about the outward appearance what do you look like how tall are you how short are you what is the color of your skin Although these things to play considerable factor but more so my Primary concern when judging someone off of who they are as far as being in my life is what is coming out of your mouth.

Because the reality is not everybody thinks the same way there is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt who was the first lady to President Theodore Roosevelt Saying something along the lines that “small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas” And if I may add my own unabridged version to the quote, I would say that those who reach greatness  are the ones who resolve to make those ideas into reality.

Now I wanted to be absolutely clear that everything I say about gaugingng people by what they say is out of the context of love.

Love for myself love for my family and love for my fellow brothers and sisters of humanity.

And as it is becoming more and more increasingly clear that as people gauge their opinion of we are base of what we say, We need to take care and be mindful that the words that come out of our mouths are truly consistent with that which we reflect and represent.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg with the topic of watching and being aware of what comes out of your mouth this is a subject that I am now inclined to reflect towards the internal state of the communication that goes on in our minds.

And also in that case I again ask what you talkin bout?

And I find more and more increasingly so we saw that any conversation that I get into about words, it comes eventually around into talking about God’s word which is the foundation which I build my life on to.

In the world full of words full of the stories full of narratives I choose to make sure that in my mind and in my heart, I am meditating and marinating on the words of life found in the Holy scriptures.

In the book of John chapter 6 verse 63 it says: It is the spirit that quickeneth the flesh profited nothing, The words I speak unto you They are spirit they are life.

The metamorphosis that occurs when you begin to be transformed by the renewing of your mind by gauging what goes on inside of it It’s something that has to be experienced to be understood and even then it is still incomprehensible.

To not only be able to communicate effectively and to talk and speak your words but to have knowledge and understanding in what you are speaking so that your words carry weight and actually can create change.

Like the passage in job chapter 38 that says who is this that darkens council by words with no knowledge?

Life and death are in the power of the tongue watch what you say, watch how you say what you said watch what goes on in your mind because it reflects in how others receive you.

Lighten Up, Have Fun!


Oh you owe the bank some money?

So you say you have some debt that was due bout a week ago.

Lookin to make a comeback and ready to make progress because your space to stand up in your own two feet is what your decision is.

Is there a price for that?

Have fun! But that doesn’t sound fun huh?

Can you maintain a positive mind frame? And stay upbeat, hopeful, and playful while you are finding beams of light and opportunities to grow and stretch?

Ok so your rights are being violated, you build your case you document your records and points of contact, you experience the challenge of the process. You embrace the pain and find ways to channel it productively..

Pride comes before a fall, that is distributed evenly according to the karma that we have dealt to be reciprocated back onto us universally.

Those who want to see you trip so they assume it upon themselves to become challenges to overcome when the setbacks and problems.

When they ask you didn’t say that the last time, and the time before that, but you refused to let the burden of failure to weigh you into a pool of pity and self sorrow.

Trying to maintain friends, family, and your dignity when your card gets pulled for not fully understanding you role as a leader and b being giving orders, knowing how to listen.

Like when you take the Brown raw coco mix, it’s tastes bitter and powdery, it’s not till you mix it in with the other ingredients that you can enjoy the wonderful delights that can be made from the flavor if the powder.

So not miss your chance to blow because you don’t think you stack up to the competition.

Step up to the plate and take your shot, be real, preach what you’ve practiced, hopefully you can bring sound together and make the music sound like it can be in the running for victory.

Did the slime balls get exposed for their trickery and their attempts to use tactics of cheating and sabotage to temporarily get ahead, did those who played by the rules get their time in the spotlight and get recompensed for their hard work and diligence.

Did the team pass the ball back, passing it along to each other as a democracy of leaders who work together to accomplish their missions.

What’s the story happily ever after did the conclusion of the whole endeavor mean that good guys win in the end and the bad guys reap the bitter fruit of their sowing of destruction..

What all this to decide it really is important even on the time that I’m spending today to be able to lighten up and have fun.

Spend time with family call family out of town make memories let your presence be felt in known enjoy their conversations getting check in touch base and family.

Its really nice to doing that being grateful for the gift that it can be even on the holidays for a Christmas focusing on what’s important in this season.

Re establishing connection family that maybe miles and miles away you may have not talked to them in years but is having finally the opportunity to re establish bonds of family and communication.

I mean we have every day and every other time to think about the serious matters of life and business and money and family and responsibilities but through it all it is a blessing to be able to take time for yourself, find a break from your steady pace, readjust the weight that you’re carrying so that you can find the wherewithal to preserve onward and upward, and Have FUN!

New day, New blessings




We need to take care of ourselves before we can help take care of others. As the old saying goes, we can’t give away what we don’t have.

I want to dedicate some thoughts towards the process of making sure that we have been built up sufficiently in order to be able to be of help to those around us.


Reminds me of the kid in a childhood favorite movie of mine called “The karate kid”. I forget the name of the young main character, I’ll just call him kevin.


Now as I remember some of the morals of that movie, kevin was a good kid with a good heart and wanted nothing more than to be able to be accepted in his school and be able to focus on his interests.


However, after some time he found himself the target of bully attacks that he was Ill equipped to be able do defend himself even when confronted in front of a girl that had caught his eye.


He finally found himself absolutely fed up and ready to do whatever it takes to be able to go back and reclaim some of his dignity.


As fate would have it, He found himself a Mentor, the well known Mr Miyagi, I’ll just call him Mr M for abbreviation purposes.

Kevin understood that if he wanted to learn something outside of what he already knows, he would have to find someone to help him help himself and that is what Mr was able to do..


But, when you’re in this process, it rarely is handed to you in a clean cut shaped package, Kevin had to earn his stripes by humbling himself to secure his skills by doing seemingly menial and meaningless tasks and chores that apparently had little our nothing to do with the fighting that he came to learn.

Oh Kevin went through a disciplined and strict routine that sharpened his awareness and made him more in tune with his strength as it increased from repetition of resistance.

Just to have something to go by, maybe necessary to fax information over. Understanding that there is common ground to tell them that help is needed and we are waiting on a breakthrough for justice to be seen.

No consolation, no pity, just the brutal truth to find the health and the light within the system to find the help needed for the sanity and harmony of the union.

To find the healing to take place that can save a soul and set it on fire.

A soul that knows it needs help, will find it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The individual who is tired of getting beat down by life. Where do you turn for the help, for the hope, for the healing that you realize that you need when your own resources are depleted and exhausted, and your reservoirs of self sufficiency have no more fuel to move another inch forward. That point past arguing and complaining.

The point to find safety and stability to be able to represent that in a world that needs to see it..

We need to look inwardly at ourselves, examine the areas that may be keeping us restricted subconsciously, and start seeking the help that we need to fully engage with ourselves, our families, and the world we live in..

Help me help you


The Greatest..

I want to draw a mural of greatness using the life of one who answered the question off what it takes to self proclaim that title.

The Iconic Muhammad Ali, formerly known as Cassius Clay.

What goes on inside if the head of a man so great? In his own words to a magazine reporter in the mid 60’s, ” I got a feeling I was born for a purpose. I don’t know why I was born. I’m just here. A young man rumbling. I’ve always had that feeling since I was a little boy. Perhaps I was was born to fulfill biblical prophecies. I just feel I may be a part of something – divine somethings. Everything seems strange to me” Whew what an interesting perspective on life from a man whose presence was described as unreal. It was felt when he walked in the room.

I remember the stories of the fears of the “Greatest” that left a motivating impression on myself as a kid growing up.

Such confidence, such bravado, such vivid displays of fearlessness as he asserted his dominance over his sporting foes.

Muhammad Ali was considered the Greatest because he was more than a champion just inside the ring.

He embodied the champion spirit internally in life as a human first, as he displayed concern towards the issues that affected his people during the time of his popularity, and in his walk of faith as he planted and grew roots down in the Muslim religion.

If you search the online database of every piece of media on Muhammad Ali, you will see a wide range collection of videos of his many speeches and talks on race and oppression, mixed with his braggadocious rants and challenges to other challengers, you keep scrolling you’ll see maybe some practice footage of his tireless work ethic, maybe a clip about his trademark punches and signature sayings, and then you’ll see him in action doing what the world grew to love him for, knockin suckas lights the flat out!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, was the saying that became Ali’s signature phrase.

Ali was regarded as the Greatest not only because of his feats and accomplishments


Dear Brothers


There is something so uniquely powerful seeing a brother a black man standing in their purpose especially when I purpose is the freedom of their people.

Whether you are a leader who has led and struggles past or a new school activist with some of the current issues, I want to take the time to salute and acknowledge those who have put on the burden of responsibility to further themselves and their family.

In an economic political and even social system that Has formulated biases to make things more difficult for you my dear beloved black brotha.

In a country that is filled itself up to an economic superpower on the back breaking labor of enslaved brothas.

Listen to statistics saying that you are harder to hire and stats saying you’re the first one to be fired. The sense of an uphill battle for very who are already tired.

Watching examples of a resolute strength as a young man has inspired. Me – to reach higher, to set sights on to horizons farther than all destinations prior.

We need to support each other, we need to stop killing our own strength. We need to uplift our women and children as we set out to salvage a people who have yet to emerge from epidemics of bondage of every kind.

It is not your imagination that there systems and keep us dedicated less employed and less able to care for the ones you love.

To actually go into the facts of the conversations held when professional psychologists where consulted to devise strategies to emasculate your image within the family structure thus targeting and coroding the strength that is your family and legacy.

And then as you see the attacks that your family your woman your children are under in society, the fire that burns within you when you see the world that your children are growing up in.

Where you can turn on the TV and watch the news And see the latest account of the latest victim Of a brutal and unjust legal system that particularly targets minorities based on racially motivated profiles.

In on this journey of becoming the man that we were created to be we get in touch with that part of our core that instinctively Give us a responsibility to assess the needs of our people And to offer our lives in service to fulfill them.

We hear the sayings #Black matter. We find ourselves at a crossroads where we have to ultimately make the decision whether we will apply our lives to combat the forces that are threatening to suck the soul out of humanity, or will we look away into our own self serving pursuits and forsake our duty as a man to establish domain on the earth and handle the responsibility that comes with increased influence.

Let us shine brightly as true examples of strong, fearless, loving, providers and recreate the damaged image of what it really means to be a Black man in America..

Guilt Free


There are very few topics that generate as much interest in both the religious as well as the psychological fields as


Can slow you down and hamper your progress even as depicted in the illustration above. I think that is very much so worth a few minutes to consider the depth of this subject of guilt What is its nature what are its implications and what to do about it once we identify it’s detriment.

As we’ll also explore this conversation into the other side of the coin when we understand the concept of forgiveness and why we can live without condemnation and shame.

See when we are burdened with guilt and shame we think how could God possibly want to use me and call me and give me a dream?

How often might God give you a beautiful and inspiring vision but yet we simply dismiss them because we’re not good enough or smart enough or worthy enough to seize them and make them ours.How is it that we find ourselves with a diminishing level of self esteem and a lowering concept of who we are and what we are capable of.

And sometimes we can accrue feelings of guilt from what other people do and do not do in response to us.

Maybe we were previously burdened with the fact that no one was around us maybe we were in a season of loneliness, Yet instead of understanding that there were things about us that made us special which would make it hard for some around us to relate with us, We can find ourselves over whelming ourselves with burdens of shame that are self imposed due to our perception of defection due to what appears to be rejection and lack of acceptance falling short of perfection.

And the reason why this topic is studied across mental psychological physical spiritual educational philosophical fields, Is because the accumulation of the substance of guilt the burden of shame can be found in the roots of many sicknesses ailments and illnesses.

It is said that condemnation is the corrosion of the channels from which creative power and creativity flows.

And the sad thing is that sometimes we could be carrying these burdens of weight that we’ve just built up so gradually that we don’t even realize that were carrying them, that we live our existence just at a fraction of our potential and not even realize.

We subconsciously seek deeper and deeper and deeper into the pool of low self esteem down into the depths of Davie Jones locker of despair..

Alright now that we have identified the unbearable travesty thats a burden of guilt shame and condemnation is, what is the answer for it?


When we experience guilt I find it there’s a model for repentance and comfort found in Psalms 51 verse 10 through 12.

“Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a steadfast Spirit within me. Do not cast me away from your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore me to the joy of your salvation and uphold me by your generous spirit”

When we understand the concept of grace that is the form of the blood of a savior that was shed for everything wrong that has been done and will be done, And we live with the comforting belief that every time that we missed the mark has already been covered and price has already been paid for when we genuinely seek forgiveness.

However that’s not to say that there won’t be repercussions if you break the law and things that you have to deal with physically, No matter how sorry you feel in your heart

So at the end of the day live free you don’t have to be carrying the burdens of things that have happened in your past.

There is Grace for that.

It is also very important to bring up that we want to be mindful of those who use guilt and shame to manipulate our actions and emotions. Unfortunately this is a reality in some instances or even from the pulpit there will be individuals playing on A translation of something that was meant for good yet twisting it into something that it makes you feel and condemned. Let us learn to discern these wolves in sheep’s clothing and keep our self safe as we strive to live a life guilt free!

Do It For A Boss!

Basic RGB

We are going to be alright…

We can have days and memories that we make and we don’t even remember making them.

See I can’t be anyone but who I am, and how I hold you to be how beautiful you are.

I can feel in my soul how I am opening a space, for you to find a place, to fill up with your love and Grace, I can taste it like kool aid in the summer one sip and and I savor sweet flavor for my hunger to satisfy, like ships passing by on the transatlantic, where our ancestors where subsidized before the frantic, demands for the African man to till plantation lands, under oppressors with bloody hands.

All I can tell is the truth as it stands, from a fan in the stands to the grand bandstand.

I’m a real man, with strengths and weaknesses as I assess that my mess is hid in my saviors perfectness, no more no less than the faith in my chest keeps the blood in my veins pumping onward to success.

Ahh that’s the new car smell, clean brand new every whistle every bell. Can get from A to B very comfortably and well and then from B to C because I’m staying so busy.

I can show and tell

I used to think that I knew more than I actually really do. I knew that I had a vision, but from a different point of view, dying to myself but I become renewed in you, drifting towards a shore that assures to show the truth tha the liberation that I seek is mine when I reach, into the infinite vastness I find the essence of  a LOVE that’s something so pure and divine beyond that which can be defined, but I accept the challenge to try.

Imagine being in a place in your life where your mind is so at ease that you can be approached with ignorance but still only respond with peace, you appeal the motions and have emotions appeased, a hot and salty situation held like the degrees of the breeze in the trees..

Tell a hater please… Tell me where you learned this disease, of bringing down your brothers because of insecurities, in your own self, focus on yo own self, and get to know your worth leave this earth with your own stamp.

The stone that builder refused lit a fuse and went boom***

How do you like me now? Is there something in your system that makes you quiver and shiver when I enter, I never grow dimmer, cuz they want to see me dumber, I wouldn’t be a threat if I was twiddling my thumbers, but since I’m doing numbers now they want to call my numbers I found the come up when I found the overcomer.

Hebrew boys that would not bow down, they would not forsake their roots in the ground, the king blew a lid the a tantrum like a kid told em stir the fire, turn it up and throw em in.

Yea the boys took the fire, the heat had the guard passing out, the thought of dying for what you stand for, was the money they put behind their mouth.

So in went the three, but wait there stands four, their flesh without a burn their clothes without a scorch, the heat is getting stronger the case is getting weaker, a table was made in the presence of doom seekers..

Stepped out blessed with a whiff of something fresh, standing as a witness, to the Most High we profess..

Like a Boss!